Will Michael reveal his condition to Gavin?

Michael introduces Gavin to Audrey, who’s interested to hear that Audrey owns her own hair salon. But, when Audrey quizzes Gavin about his Mum, he’s evasive. In the Rovers, Michael admits to Gail he still hasn’t told Gavin about his heart condition, explaining he wants to get to know his son better before he drops the bombshell.

Michelle gets a call from school to say Steve has failed to collect Amy. Meanwhile, Steve sits in his car and discovering it won’t start, he’s forced to phone Kevin to tow him home. Back on the street, Liz and Michelle lay into Steve, demanding to know where he’s been. Unable to handle their hostility, Steve walks away. Later, the doctor implores Steve to talk to his family about his depression.

With Beth’s help, Tracy sorts through Rob’s things hoping to sell them in the shop and make a bit of extra money.

Also, Dev calls on Julie intending to admit his feelings.