Alice discovers Michael packing a bag, intending to run away with Scarlett. When Alice’s plea not to go falls on deaf ears, she reluctantly agrees to answer a knock on the door and stall whoever it is. As Michael slips out of the house, he’s confronted by Janine. Arguing over Scarlett’s care, Janine throws a low blow by reminding Michael that he suffered from growing up without a mum, saying she doesn’t want that for Scarlett. A heartbroken Michael is swayed and hands his daughter to Janine.

Tanya apologises to Lauren for accusing her of stealing her painkillers. Fresh from Joey’s rejection, Lauren breaks down. Tanya heads to the B&B to confront Sharon, questioning if she’s unwell. When Sharon lies she’s been having terrible migraines, Tanya feels bad for her, suggesting she see a doctor before she takes any more pills. Later, Sharon asks one of the nightclub bouncers to get her some pills.

Masood works himself up to asking Carol out on a date. As he finally plucks up the courage they’re interrupted by Bianca and Kat, who are hiding from Lister after playing a prank on him. Carol realises what Masood was about to do and rather than leave it unsaid she asks Masood out for a drink.