Will Michael wait for Rebecca?

Andrew asks Rebecca to be there when he tells Paul that Tash is pregnant and she agrees. Paul reacts badly and Andrew walks out. Paul arranges a meeting with Michael and Tash and things get heated when Paul questions if Andrew is the father. He assures Rebecca he is just protecting his son and Michael is shocked when Rebecca agrees.

Michael’s patience with Rebecca is starting to dwindle and he tells her that unless she tells him exactly why she can’t leave Paul right now, he won’t wait for her any longer. She finally tells Michael that she was the one who pushed Paul and he has been blackmailing her to stay with him. Speechless, Michael turns and walks away from her.

Meanwhile, confused by Sonya’s comment about not wanting children, Toadie asks her if it’s something she might change her mind about. He’s upset when she tells him that she doesn’t want children and Toadie and Callum are enough for her. Toadie’s hurt is made worse when Paul points out that he is only a father figure to Callum and nothing is thicker than blood. After giving it some thought, Toadie asks Sonya if she would consider adopting another child.

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