Will Mick face his demons?

Mick is exasperated with Linda and Johnny’s falling out, heading to the swimming pool for some time to himself. His promise to do a sponsored swim for Billy’s daughter Janet has so far failed, as he hasn’t been able to get over his fear of water. Determined to face his demons, he is relieved when Ian is encouraging and helps him attempt to swim.

Stan takes Linda to his flat, where Johnny is staying, in a bid to get them talking. Linda is still shaken by Johnny’s words, despite an apology. Realising Linda needs to face her past, Stan takes her to her childhood home where we learn her dad died of a heart attack in front of her. Making up with Johnny, Linda drops him off at the Gay Pride celebrations – and Johnny pulls!

Phil and Sharon wake to find an intruder in their bedroom. It’s Dean, who gives Phil £1,000, telling him to back off from Shirley, as he’ll be dealing with her debt from now on. Hopeful that Dean is looking out for her, Shirley is disappointed when he makes it clear his only concern is the business. 

Also, Tosh is not impressed when Tina turns up to the Gay Pride celebration in fancy dress as a fireman!