Will Mick find out if he’s the dad?

Mick bonds with the new baby, assuring Linda they don’t need to do a paternity test, as it’s not all about DNA. Confronting Mick about the test, Shirley is annoyed when her words don’t seem to have got through to him. When Linda calls in a panic to say Dean’s turned up at the hospital, Mick rushes over. By the time he arrives, Linda has already sent Dean on his way. With Linda reluctant to have a paternity test, Mick realises he could find out who the father is by seeing if he and the baby have a matching blood group.

Charlie and Fatboy come to blows on the final day of Dot’s trial after throwing accusations at each other about why Dot’s in the mess she’s in. Taking matters into his own hands, Charlie vists Keeble, telling her he murdered Nick, but Keeble doesn’t fall for that one. With the verdict due in, Dot’s family and friends wait nervously. Will Dot be found guilty of murder?

Aunt Fatima turns up in Albert Square with a surprise for Shabnam… Her matchmaking has gone well and she’s found her a man! Masood is concerned as Shabnam prepares to meet Asim, but she reassures her that with Kush unable to commit, this is what she wants. When Kush sends her a text, Shabnam has second thoughts, but Asim has already arrived.