Will Mick reveal Ian’s dirty secret?

Mick asks Lee, Whitney and Johnny to miss out on the Notting Hill Carnival to bring some carnival spirit to the pub, as he wants to cheer up a miserable Linda. After doing a great job decorating the pub, they’re disappointed when Linda is unenthusiastic. When Ian turns up at the pub in a good mood, Mick realises he needs to put his family first, telling Linda that he’ll force Ian to confess to being with Rainie – or he’ll reveal all.

Meanwhile, Ian encourages Denise to invite some of Patrick’s friends over to the house to welcome him back from hospital. With Patrick’s mood improving and Denise more at ease, Ian tells Denise it’s time they got married. Taking Patrick to the pub, Denise is pleased when Patrick gets a warm welcome from the regulars, although Cora is still avoiding him.

Sharon catches Phil talking to Rainie and demands to know what’s going on. Phil is forced to admit that Ian is being blackmailed by her. After Sharon insists it’s not his problem, Phil drags Rainie to Cora’s and tells her it’s time she sorted out her daughter.

Also, Bianca and Terry are secretly seeing each other.