Will Mick tell Linda the truth?

Johnny insists Mick talk to Linda about the fine before things go too far.

*First episode*

Mick stuns the family when he’s made an unexpected offer and turns it down. Worried that his dad is going to prison, Johnny confronts Mick, insisting that he tell Linda about Lee and the debts before it’s too late. Meanwhile, Shirley tells Whitney to back off from Mick when Whitney tries to help him find money to pay the fine.

Tina is struggling to look after Sylvie. She reels when Sylvie tells her and Shirley about an upsetting incident from the past. Despite Tina’s upset, Shirley has no sympathy for Sylvie. An angry Tina ends up rowing with her sister, pointing out a few home truths.

Shakil has finally had enough of Keegan. When he snaps, the pair end up in a fight. Finding the boys scrapping, Carmel is furious, giving Shakil a reality check. Struggling to cope with the stress of recent events, Carmel confides in Denise.

Also, Lauren makes a confession to Whitney about her relationship with Steven.