Miles is worried he’ll never see Rabbit again, so is pleasantly surprised when she puts in an appearance. She tells him to meet her on the beach and then shimmers away. Miles heads to the beach, and Elijah joins him, imploring him to let Rabbit go. Miles finds Rabbit where they first met. He helps her build a sand castle, and confides in her that he’s scared she’ll leave him. Rabbit believes he doesn’t need her help any more. He knows he can’t stop her from going. Will he bid Rabbit a final goodbye?

Nicole is unsettled by Justin’s accusation that she’s holding Aden back. She tells Justin, who disappeared from Aden’s life and wasn’t around in his hour of need when Belle died, has a cheek attacking her. She reckons Aden’s big enough to make his own decisions. All the same, Nicole can’t help but look at Aden differently.

She sees that he isn’t very happy with his lot and tackles him on it. Aden admits he’s been happier, particularly after Justin reminds him that he’s wasting his life, but tells her that it’s got nothing to do with her. Nicole, however, makes a tough decision – one that she believes is best for Aden. She ends their relationship.

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