Will Mitzeee out Brendan?

Mitzeee uses her new knowledge about Brendan’s sexuality to her advantage. She needs Chez Chez tomorrow for a private event and when Cheryl refuses she turns her attentions to Brendan. She tells him that she saw him kissing Ste and if he doesn’t help her she will out him. Brendan tries his best to seduce her into thinking otherwise but he’s got not hope.

Darren’s freaked out by the bizarre mess he’s found himself in and tells a shocked Frankie that Suzanne is having his twins. Later, Suzanne comes over and Darren ends up feeling the twins kicking, and starts to enjoy himself. Suddenly Nancy walks in and tells Suzanne to leave.

Lee realises he can’t carry on living with Leanne and needs to move out. He tries to work his magic on Frankie but she’s not interested. But he cheers up when Guy Candy gets a gig.

Also; Ruby tells Frankie that she can’t go back home because her parents are hard work. They are obsessed with reality shows and are oblivious of their presence.

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