Will Molly accept Tyrone’s proposal?

Tyrone gets it in the neck from Molly over a hospitalised Pam’s injuries as she is convinced that he must have known about Pam’s bio-fuel scam. By the end of the day it looks like he might finally have convinced Molly he had nothing to do with it and he is about to ask Molly if she’ll still marry him when a very unwelcome Jackie turns up at the door.

Dev has had a great time with Tara over New Year and Amber is relieved, but she’s left disappointed when Tara reveals she is going to Scotland for a job. When Tara’s heating breaks down Amber hatches a plan to try and get her to stay but it backfires spectacularly.

Peter has overslept after downing half a bottle of whisky last night and Ken‘s waiting to take Simon out. Ken and Deirdre are suspicious of his reasons for being late, but Ken is determined to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Also, Michelle plans a trip to Ireland for her and Steve, but he’s not too keen. Becky’s not too taken with the idea either but has to put a brave face on it; Liz and Lloyd keep their relationship a secret.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Tyrone and Molly are horrified to see Jackie and want rid of her. Jackie insists she is staying put until she is able to sort out a problem with her breast implant which has ‘exploded’. Molly is stunned when Tyrone falls for his mum’s sob story and says she can stay. Jack and Pam are less than impressed to have her hanging around, but Molly is sick of all the bickering and finally says ‘yes’ to Tyrone’s proposal.

Amber is mortified that her plan to keep Tara in Weatherfield has had entirely the opposite effect and confesses to tampering with her plumbing. Tara is impressed by her honesty and what she has tried to do for her dad and agrees to stick around.

Peter has kept his drinking relapse a secret, but Leanne visits the flat and discovers he’s fallen off the wagon. Peter is in denial and accuses Leanne of placing too much emphasis on his drinking but when she walks out it looks as if her words may have hit home.

Also, Gary pushes Joe too far when he asks out Tina, and Joe gives him a stern warning to stay away from his daughter; Steve tries to guess the identity of Lloyd’s new woman – if only he knew!

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