Heath has taken Montgomery to the bombsite, and informs her he wants justice. Montgomery pleads for him to let her go as Andy arrives and intervenes. Montgomery makes a run for it and Heath and Andy follow. Meanwhile, Matt tells Leah that Montgomery has been paying him to cause havoc in Summer Bay.

Later, Leah finds Maddy, Josh, Spencer and Sasha at the school and marches them out. They run into John, who can see Montgomery fleeing from Heath. After Leah stacks up the evidence, Montgomery reveals she tried to burn down the school and John and Andy take Montgomery to the cops.

Matt, Sasha, Spencer and Maddy decide to break into the school for a night of unsupervised fun. A game of truth or dare reveals Spencer and Maddy’s close-knit past and Sasha feels left out. Later, Josh reflects on a Christmas with Andy and realises he misses his brother.

Sasha finally admits to Spencer that she feels like they don’t have a happy history together and Spencer vows to make it up to her.

Harvey overhears Alf and Roo talking and is hurt to hear Roo say that she longed for him to return, but it’s not what she thought. Harvey tells Roo that he’s going to visit his daughter and he loves her, but he’s still cold towards her.