Will Morgana expose Merlin’s secret?

Morgana wakes up after being found unconscious in the woods, and she tells Lord Agravaine that it was Emrys who did this to her. But she doesn’t know the identity of the aged sorcerer.

Meanwhile, Lord Agravaine tells Arthur that everyone needs to be a suspect in Camelot in order to try and save his life as he is in danger. Suspecting Gaius of knowing about the power of magic, Lord Agravaine hauls him in front of Arthur and questions him. He asks Gaius what his attitude is towards sorcery, and Gaius declares that he disagrees with magic.

Lord Agravaine then organises for Gaius to be kidnapped, but to frame him so that it appears he fled in the middle of the night – securing his guilt and knowledge of magic. The plan works, and a bemused Arthur can’t work out why Gaius would have left.

Meanwhile, Merlin – who doesn’t know what’s happened – can’t believe Gaius would have simply left him without saying anything. He goes off in search of his friend and finds that the Alator of the Catha has extracted the information from Gaius that Merlin is Emrys. Luckily, Merlin and Gaius manage to escape back to Camelot, where Arthur apologies for suspecting Gaius. But with Merlin’s secret out, how long will it be before it reaches Camelot?