Will ‘Mother Teresa’ help or hinder?

Jerry is in hospital recovering from his heart attack and Darryl and Mel struggle to look after the business as well as taking care of Kayleigh and Finlay. Kayleigh thinks that the family need some more help and decides to call her mum. But when Teresa turns up at the hospital unannounced it almost gives Jerry another heart attack!

Becky and Jason are discussing their passionate evening the night before unaware that every word is being overheard by Sean. Sean takes great delight in telling Eileen and Marcus the gossip and they manage to con Jason into falling for a wind-up. Meanwhile, Roy urges caution when Becky excitedly tells him that she and Jason are going on their fourth date and she’s never been out with anyone that many times!

Leanne and Michelle have managed to put their past hostility behind them but the two men in their lives are like a pair of children as they argue about the best way to get to a local address. Eventually it becomes a competition with them betting who can get there first.

Also, Kirk tries to have a man-to-man talk with Chesney, who is still mortified by his knock back from Kayleigh.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Teresa is still at Jerry’s bedside in the hospital, despite his protestations that she’s not welcome. Teresa uses emotional blackmail to persuade him that the kids need her. Darryl and Mel are dismayed when Teresa turns up at the kebab shop and demands the house keys. It isn’t long before she reverts to type and proves she that she’s far from being ‘Mother Teresa’!

Steve and Dan are both determined to prove that their route is the fastest and as Michelle and Leanne look on pityingly they jump into their cars and head off on the challenge. As a taxi firm owner, Steve feels his reputation is at risk and is determined to win the bet, and both men resort to dirty tricks to attempt to be the victor.

Chesney is called upon to save the school play when the teacher reveals that lead boy Kenzie has been arrested. Sophie points out that Chesney has learnt Kenzie’s lines and he finds himself playing the romantic lead opposite Kayleigh. Chesney is chuffed at the chance to prove his worth but he bottles it when he has to kiss Kayleigh!

Also, Becky looks forward to her ‘date’ with Jason, but she is disappointed when he turns up with Bill in tow.