Zara and Daniel are still considering whether or not to have baby Joe christened to try and get him into Heathdean school. Daniel thinks they should do it as soon as this weekend, but Zara is still resistant and asks, who would they even ask to be godparent… just as they enter The Mill to see Mrs Tembe beaming out at them. 

As they find themselves unified by attacks from outsiders, not least Al who lays into them for their flexible principles, Daniel finally gets Zara to agree to having Joe christened, then sets about charming Mrs Tembe. But she’s not to be swayed and bluntly tells Daniel that her faith is important to her and there’s no way she can condone his fair-weather Christianity.

Al finds Howard writing up the report of yesterday’s significant event review into his actions surrounding Fliss’s abortion. Howard says the review document doesn’t only impact on Al; Fliss’s mum Grace could use it as ammunition to attack the practise. Later, the pair are surprised when Fliss turns up at The Mill; she’s contrite and mature – she can’t criticise Al and doesn’t want to see him taken to court. Fliss wants to let this sleeping dog lie and, more importantly, so does Grace. But is Al completely off the hook?

Also, Kevin is drawn into helping an obese man who is being wrongly persecuted as a paedophile by a gang on his estate.