Ayesha admits to Mrs Tembe that she has ended it with Sid and jokes that, for stress relief, she should go to Mr Kit. Mrs T gets defensive; he’s only a chiropractor. Ayesha doesn’t mean anything, just that she and Kit have a boundary between them. As soon as you cross that line, someone will get hurt. Mrs Tembe decides to end it with Mr Kit and leaves, heartbroken.

Lola tells Dylan she wants to have sex before their wedding night to see if they click in bed. Dylan panics and tells Al he suffers from premature ejaculation. Al performs role-play with him as Lola, and Dylan finally tells Lola the truth. They go to bed, and although it doesn’t go entirely to plan, they are both happy.

Emma is worried by the way Howard is acting and the pair go for lunch. Howard brings up the 40 Day Date, and suggests that they should do it. Emma is sceptical and tells him they’re better off as friends.