Will Mrs Tembe help solve Zara’s problem?

When Mrs Tembe gets an urgent call from the church cleaner and needs to dash off, Zara kindly offers to man the phones at reception. Zara has a quick crash course in the phone system but soon finds herself in over her head when she struggles with transfers and a torrent of phone calls. By the day’s end, Zara’s had enough but is, surprisingly, still all sweetness and light when Mrs Tembe returns late. 

Zara then enquires about the church and volunteers to come to a service that Sunday with Joe. Mrs Tembe is taken aback – Zara’s the last person she would expect to be into God, but Zara is convincing and persuasive. But it’s only when Howard and Valerie express their own scepticism that Mrs Tembe sees the truth – that Zara is angling to get Joe a place in school. She’s less than impressed…

Meanwhile, Chris sees Al nursing his face and instantly knows he’s not been to the dentist yet. Al insists he won’t go and, instead, retreats to his office, where he raids Chris’s bike kit for a pair of pliers and tries to remove his aching tooth himself! His shrieks of pain are heard by Jimmi who, upon witnessing half of Al’s tooth falling out, defiantly books him in for an emergency appointment – Monday, he’s going!

Also, a former social worker with a torn hamstring appears to be a victim of harassment by some local youths – but why have they targeted this man in particular? And can Daniel work out the victim from the victimiser?