Emma’s dismayed to learn that Mrs Tembe plans on leaving and resolves to make her feel appreciated. She enlists Anthony’s help but he slyly points out that she shouldn’t hold people back. Emma tells Mrs Tembe her worth and hands her the reference but, by now, Mrs Tembe has decided to stay. Anthony’s annoyed, he’ll have to find another way to push her out…

Ayesha agrees to crash a funeral with Valerie but Valerie soon discovers she knows the deceased – it was Claire her friend from chemo. The day takes on a more sombre tone and Ayesha struggles to lift Valerie’s mood, regreting indulging her funeral-crashing idea.

Iain explains to his old pal Daniel that his wife, Janine, cannot accept that the marriage is over. Iain pushes to go out but Daniel’s not keen. As Daniel heads back into work, he catches a glimpse of Janine, moments away from being mowed down by Iain. What’s going on between these two?