Will Mrs Tembe or Cherry go to the play?

Heston arrives at work in a great mood as it looks like Curtis is going to make a full recovery. Julia has also given him two tickets for King Lear and when Karen asks who he will be taking Cherry and Mrs Tembe both reveal their desire to go.

Not wanting to choose between them, Heston tells them to come to him during the day with their reasons for wanting to go. Cherry’s argument is that she may not know as much as Mrs Tembe about Shakespeare, but that would make her appreciate the experience more as she has never been to the RSC. When Mrs Tembe comes to submit her plea she mentions that King Lear would be a difficult play for a novice, but not for someone with her experience.

Karen encourages Imogen to compete for the ticket, but she underplays her desire to go as she’s certain Heston will take her. As Mrs Tembe and Cherry bring Heston treats in a bid to influence his decision he vows to find a solution for all by begging for an extra ticket to take them both. When Imogen asks about the extra tickets, Heston realises that she wanted to go all along and feels guilty that he can’t take her as well.

Also, Freya has the worst birthday ever as she finds herself embroiled in her friend’s strained relationship with a volatile playwright.