Emotions run high when Mrs Tembe announces she has a new job and this is to be her last day. The staff are gutted and Karen decides they aren’t letting her go without a party. Anthony makes a speech and Mrs Tembe is touched by all the gifts she receives.

Across the room, Heston is too tactile for Ruhma’s liking and she leaves. Ayesha is horrified when a drunken Bren staggers in and makes a complete spectacle of herself. Finally, Mrs Tembe tells Heston and Karen the thing she will miss most about The Mill is her friends.

Al’s shocked when his old Uni friend Grady turns up, saying he’s hoping to leave Boston and move to the UK. Later, Grady’s dad, Jonathan, claims Grady was diagnosed bi-polar and has come off his meds. Al’s concerned about Jonathan’s lack of empathy about his son’s mental health issues but persuades Grady to go back to the hotel with his dad. However, when Al returns the next morning, he’s gutted to find Jonathan and Grady have left for the airport.