Will Nancy and Darren reunite?

Darren’s horrified when he finds a stolen prescription pad and a defeated Nancy decides to move out for a while. At Maxine’s flat, Nancy makes the tough decision to throw all her pills down the toilet, while Darren tells Frankie his marriage is over. But when he gets news that Nancy’s mum has been killed in a car crash, he’s compelled to be by his wife’s side.

A thwarted Sienna is annoyed that the couple are growing close again, but when Nancy asks her if she’ll stay at the pub while she goes to Canada to sort out the funeral, Sienna can see her way back into the Osborne family.

In the club, Mercedes is suspicious when she sees Ste at her rave night acting oddly. She confronts him about selling drugs but finds nothing on him. Then wonders if he’s not dealing then someone else must be.

When Sinead comes home, fed up of having no money, Ste offers her the chance to make some more…