Will Nancy and Oscar survive?

Nancy manages to escape with Oscar in her arms as Darren and Sienna arrive. Nancy stays close to the edge of the building, but when she realises that Darren thinks she’s going to jump, she hands her son over to his father and allows the police to take her away. Nancy tries to prove her innocence as she’s escorted into the police station, but she’s making herself look crazy. She asks for Darren to be present while she gives her statement. They talk privately and Nancy seems to be getting through to her husband, until he leaves the room and returns with the police doctor.
Tilly tells an elated Esther that she’s not going to Nottingham – she’s enrolled at HCC. But hearing Callum’s news that he didn’t get the grades he needs, Holly decides to help and asks John Paul to find a place for him at another Uni. Callum’s pleased when she tells him he’s got into Leeds.
Doug presents Ste with a phone number for his dad, which was written on one of the cards he’d sent. Tony and Doug decide to call him, but who will be on the other end of the line?

Danny saves the day for John Paul when he presents new DNA test results showing JP is Matthew’s real dad.