Will Nancy forgive Darren?

The Osborne’s are reeling from finding out that Sienna’s baby bump was fake. Meanwhile, locked in the basement, Patrick is concerned as Sienna becomes more irrational. Darren asks Nancy whether she will come back and everything can be like it was. Maxine is frantically trying to find Patrick and when the police go to Anna’s old house, they find him but Sienna is gone. Dodger finds her in the back of his van but when he plays along with her plan for them run away together, she tries to kiss him, leaving her brother disgusted. Elsewhere, Nancy tells Darren that it’s over between them – he’s on his own now.

Vincent has his bail hearing, but when he’s unsuccessful George decides they have to step up their campaign and Robbie is on hand with an idea. George is delighted when he arrives at school and there’s a banner on the roof ‘Free Vincent Elegba – Grant Bail Now’. He’s suspicious when Phoebe tells him it was Robbie’s idea.

Later, Phoebe empathises with Robbie when she hears his uncle abused him. He can’t lie to her and tells her he made it up and she’s furious with him. Angry that he’s lost the girl, Robbie swears revenge on Finn for telling her in the first place.