Will Nancy give Darren a second chance?

Darren appeals to Nancy one last time at the pub and asks her to forgive him so they can move on together as a couple. However, Nancy is forced to say “no” and tells him she has already moved on – she’s slept with someone else. It’s clear that Darren is devastated.

Despite yesterday’s shocking developments, can Lindsey and Joe’s wedding go ahead? Freddie risks all to ensure Lindsey has the wedding of her dreams – but will it prove costly for him?

Holly is left mortified when she finds out the picture she sent Jason has been put online. Jason knows it was Robbie and threatens his brother to sort it out, quickly. However, he’s left humiliated when Holly puts photocopied pictures of him in his boxer shorts on the Price Slice window.

Elsewhere, a bitter Sienna creates even more drama.