Will Nancy see Charlie again?

When Jake comes looking for her at Sarah’s place, a terrified Nancy finally admits to her friend that he tried to rape her on their wedding night. Later, Nancy is stunned when she reaches the hospital and finds that Jake has withdrawn her visiting rights to Charlie. Furious, Nancy confronts Jake, who calmly promises her that if she comes back to him, she can see Charlie again. Later, Nancy asks Justin to help her get custody of Charlie.

Louise is suspicious when distant Warren appears to have more time for business than he does for her. But she softens when she discovers Warren has secretly arranged an Ibiza-inspired meal for them at The Loft and they resolve to spend more time together. But Warren’s romantic efforts are interrupted by his old partner-in-crime Carl, and his thuggish pal Anthony, who arrive looking for cover after a bungled robbery. Louise is unimpressed when Warren abandons their romantic meal and agrees to conceal them.

Charlie’s illness, the financial strain of losing half the pub to Warren, and Steph leaving home weighs down on Jack and Frankie, with Jack suggesting a loan shark to help them cope.

Also, OB is unimpressed to learn that Steph is moving into their bachelor pad, and Max struggles to convince them that they can live like one big happy family.

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