Will Naomi leave Erinsborough?

Naomi’s applied for the job of her dreams – in Los Angeles! She tactfully dumps Paul but he reacts badly, and tells her she’ll never amount to anything without him. Naomi’s confidence is in tatters and Sheila finds her ready to abandon her dream job. She drags Naomi home and her efforts pay off when Naomi gets the job. However, she has to leave for Los Angeles sooner than she thought – tomorrow!

Terese insists that Piper doesn’t have to feel guilty visiting her dad, and is shocked to learn of the kids’ pact. But when Paige invites them to a welcome dinner for Brad, Imogen and Piper are torn. Meanwhile, Brad and Lauren’s commitment to keeping things in the ‘friends zone’ is put to the test when they find themselves alone.

Tyler’s freaked out when he has to run the garage interviews by himself. Daniel offers to help out, but he only makes Tyler more stressed. He later apologises and the pair seem to be striking up a friendship. When Tyler does finally get a good applicant at the garage, it’s a surprising blast from the past…