Will Naomi leave Erinsborough?

After learning that Sheila blames her for her father’s death, Naomi is devastated. Despite Kyle and Georgia’s best attempts to reconcile the two women, the hurt runs too deep and Naomi announces she’s leaving Erinsborough. There is, however, one small problem – she’s broke.

She turns to Paul, but he is reluctant to lend her any more money on top of the sixty thousand she already owes him. Meanwhile, Kyle begs Brennan to take Naomi in. Arriving on Brennan’s doorstep, Naomi is met with a frosty reception from Paige.

Lauren asks Amber to combine their art work projects, and adapts her drawing into a collage using Amber’s photos. Later, Paige turns up with her own finished self-portrait, only to discover that Lauren has left her out of the family collage – wanting to focus on the future. Devastated, Paige leaves without telling Lauren the truth.

When Terese reveals that there’s a teaching position going at the high school, Brad is reluctant to apply, calling it the fallback option. But when he fails to get a job at another gym he goes against his initial instinct and applies for the teaching position.