Will Naomi reveal Gary’s dark past?

Naomi thinks it’s time for Gary to come clean about his past but he pleads with her – he needs more time. Elsewhere, Kyle and Georgia’s vow renewal goes off without a hitch and Kyle asks Gary to move into the share house. Later, Sheila finds Gary in the carpark at Lassiters… she’s shocked to see him apparently selling Kyle’s stolen tools.

Daniel’s furious to discover that Rain’s been manipulating Amber through meditation. Shocked, Amber confronts Rain over this, who claims Amber and Daniel are not meant to be together. Despite his protest that none of this is true, Rain insists their relationship won’t last. An unsettled Daniel and Amber in her wake.

Paige enjoys messaging Bryson… until a surprised Bailey asks why she’s still in contact with him. Paige admits it’s just a bit of fun and reminds Bailey that people talk online all the time. Later, when Paige is online, Bryson heats things up with a few sexy messages.