Paul offers Naomi the role of his confidential executive assistant and tells her he has cancer. Nick is rattled to discover Naomi is privy to Paul’s diagnosis, but still suggests Paul is a candidate for some experimental treatment. Paul is enthusiastic but wants Naomi to be there to hear the treatment plan. Later, Nick warns Naomi about keeping Paul’s privacy but she promptly puts him in his place, leaving Nick rattled.

Imogen and Daniel hear the sound of machinery at the top of the well and suddenly a spurt of water comes out of a protruding pipe. They’re horrified to realise water is being pumped into the well and they have no way of letting the people above them know they’re trapped.

Matt warns Tyler about the way Dimato works, but Tyler insists he doesn’t know the ganster. But Matt, not buying it, approaches Brennan, who busily brushes him off. Matt backs down, unsure whether his instincts are correct.

Josh and Brennan and decides to file an official missing person’s report, knowing the police will have to investigate and hopefully get to the bottom of Imogen and Daniel’s disappearance.