Ryan’s head is spinning. He knows he didn’t kill Mark so why has he been arrested? That’s what Natasha wants to know, too. If nasty Nathan framed Faye for Mark’s murder, why is Ryan locked up? Think about it, Natasha… yep, there you go. Your evil son set up Ryan, not Faye! The police already have Ryan’s chain that ties him to the scene of the crime. Then they find his jacket covered in gunshot residue that ties him to the murder weapon. It’s not looking good for Ryan – unless Natasha decides to ‘fess up.

At The Woolpack, Nicola’s finding there’s more to running a pub than bossing around the staff. She’s ordered too much beer and it has nearly reached its sell-by date. If Shadrach were still alive that wouldn’t be a problem but, with him supping in the big brewery in the sky, it’s Val who has to come to Nicola’s rescue.

Who’s going to rescue Carl from himself? Jimmy has a word with his brother when he finds out he’s been giving dirty flirty Eve money and hasn’t told Chas anything about it. But Carl’s in lust and isn’t thinking with his brain…

*Second episode, 8pm*

Ryan’s nightmare continues and Cain finds himself dragged into it when the police search the garage and find a gun. Nasty Nathan has been a busy boy, hasn’t he…? Cain is shocked and not at all happy when the police ask him to make a statement. What can he say? His gut tells him Ryan is innocent, especially after Nathan taunts him about Ryan’s arrest. But if Cain tells the police about having Mark’s wallet he’ll put himself much closer to a murder inquiry than he wants to be…

Holly’s also trying to look innocent – but over something very different. She’s trying to convince her family she’s off the drugs, so she plays goody two-shoes and offers to babysit for Viv. The act works on her mum, who lends her money to go out, but Holly uses it to get high.

Nicola needs someone to lift her spirits, too. The Woolpack is proving more of a challenge than she expected and Jimmy convinces her that they need Val’s help. Now all Nicola has to do is swallow her pride and apologise to Val for being such a cow. It’s a hard life being a stroppy pub landlady!

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