Will Natasha stand by her man?

Natasha visits Faye again and has sympathy for her when she realises that they’ve both been fooled by Mark, but when Faye confesses she’s still in love with Mark, it puts Natasha’s back up. Natasha accuses Faye of tracking down Mark to win him back and tells her that she will fight tooth and nail to save her family. Mark is relieved when Natasha reveals she’s seen Faye and she will stand by him, but the children must never know that their lives are a lie.

Nathan is on Katie’s back about getting her horses off Home Farm property and Chas suggests that Katie ask Andy if he has any room at Butler’s farm. Katie approaches Andy and he agrees to let her rent space for her business. Later, Chas warns Katie not to let Andy get the wrong idea about working together, but Katie brushes off her concerns.

Katie offers Leyla the spare room at Victoria Cottage to give her some space from Lily and Pearl. Leyla is chuffed and Katie is happy to have another girl in the house. Leyla tells David that they can finally have some alone time, but she feels a twinge of guilt when she has to tell Lily and Pearl that she’s moving out.