Nick is fussing around a guilty Natasha; he can’t wait to tell everyone the good news. Panicking, she insists it’s too early to announce the pregnancy but agrees to visit the doctor simply to get Nick off her back. Later, Nick tells Leanne that he knows Natasha is the one, but it’s clear he’s trying to convince himself as much as her. But alone with her GP Natasha reveals that she’s had an abortion. Meanwhile, Nick clearly has no idea and bursts into the surgery introducing himself as the baby’s father.

John‘s determined to prove himself to Fiz, especially after learning that he’s going to be a Dad and sets out to look for work. Peter offers him a job at the bookies, but when it leads to another row between Peter and Leanne, he’s left wondering whether he’s hired after all.

Becky’s desperate for a cigarette, but stays strong and is determined not to let anything ruin her and Steve’s chances to adopt. Steve doesn’t seem to have her willpower however.

Also, Sian devises a way to see Sophie on the sly – by joining the church choir. She feels guilty for using the church for her own ends, but can’t resist.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Natasha’s in a state of panic as she leaves the doctor’s and while Nick talks to Gail she double checks on patient confidentiality. She’s relieved to be off the hook for now, but knows she can’t keep a secret this big for long. When Gail’s scathing about Nick’s news, insisting a baby isn’t the way to fix a relationship, he’s determined to make a public announcement.

Later, Fiz and John proudly announce in the Rovers that they’re expecting a baby, and Nick reveals that he and Natasha are starting a family too. Natasha’s horrified and later finds Leanne crying in the backyard.

Becky can’t bare all the talk of babies in the Rovers. She’s also hurt that Steve doesn’t seem to be taking the adoption seriously, as he’s continuing to smoke. It’s time he convinced her otherwise.

Ken and Deirdre finally understand that their marriage can’t go on while they’re constantly at each other’s throats. They talk honestly about their relationship, and are ashamed to realise it’s been littered with adultery.

Also, Leanne’s not happy as Peter forces Dierdre to resign and then hires John in her place. Vowing this is the fresh start he needs John sets fire to all Colin’s papers.

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