Will Nate and Ricky get together?

Ricky and Kyle feel awkward after their kiss and Ricky is desperate to pretend the whole thing never happened. When Ricky and Nate run into each other, Nate admits he saw her kiss Kyle. Ricky berates him for being jealous and eventually they both admit they still love each other.

Meanwhile, Kat is blissfully unaware of Nate’s decision but is stopped in her tracks when she gets a phone call. When Nate arrives home to tell Kat things are over, he finds her heartbroken after receiving the news her brother, Leo, has been killed in a car accident.

When Kyle tells Ash he kissed Ricky, he pushes the Braxton brother to sort things out. When Ricky finds him sitting on a park bench, Kyle admits he feels lost and the kiss was a mistake.

Charlotte is on edge, but still encourages Hunter to go out and have fun. As he leaves, Charlotte bolts the door. However, there is a knock at the door from Trystan, who barges in and demands $200,000 in blackmail money.