Kat rushes off to the hospital to tell Nate that Gavin purposely drove into a tree. Ricky begs Nate not to turn his back on his father as he is called to help save Gavin’s life and Nate agrees to stay professional.

Kat interrogates Charlotte about her visit to Gunno but, when she reveals nothing, Kat tells Kyle about Charlotte’s prison visit. Later, Kat goes to see Gunno who plants a seed in her head about Brax being alive. Meanwhile, things between Charlotte and Kyle come to an end when he confronts her over her prison visit.

Hunter is left horrified when he sees Olivia’s scars. He tells VJ and it doesn’t take long before Irene finds out. When Irene confronts Olivia she’s mortified and collapses in a fit of tears.

Kat confronts Ash about Brax, but he plays it cool. Afterwards he texts Brax to let him know that Gunno is on to him; and makes a deal with Charlotte to keep Brax’s secret.