Will Nate shatter Heath’s custody hopes?

Heath takes Darcy to the hospital where he discovers she has a broken arm. Darcy tries to protect Heath by lying about the incident, but by constantly changing her story, Nate threatens to report the incident to social services. Ricky tries to reason with Nate, but when she reveals Heath was abused by his dad, Nate says that abused children are more likely to be abusers. He reports the incident, resulting in Darcy being taken away from Heath.

Chris comes clean and says he was the one who called the police over Andy’s drugs. Luckily, the police do not have enough evidence to charge Josh. With Alf suspicious over Josh and Spencer’s bust up he tells Alf he and Spencer were fighting over Maddy. Josh and Chris call a truce and Josh admits he understands why Chris went to the police.

Denny and Casey are finally moving forward in their relationship and decide to take a camping trip together. However, Brax is furious that Casey is willing to up sticks and leave his family at such a critical time and attacks Casey.