Will Nate’s past threaten his future with Chris?

Susan and Karl demand an explanation for the combat knife they found in Nate’s bag. Nate refuses to give them one and leaves. On his way out of town he crosses with Chris, who kisses him. Later, Chris encourages Nate to open up and he decides to tell his story to Karl and Susan – he’s an ex-solider who fought in Afghanistan. Susan is understanding, but Karl remains distant.

Sheila’s online date starts out badly but she finally finds a connection with her date, Alan. Afterwards, when pressed for details of the night, Sheila acts deliberately coy, infuriating Naomi.

Toadie has to work late and is forced to call Naomi in to help. But when Sonya brings Toadie a snack, she’s thrown to see that Naomi has already beat her to it. When she comes back a second time, it’s clear to Naomi and Toadie that Sonya doesn’t trust them working together. Frustrated, Toadie sends Naomi home but Sonya looks through Toadie’s emails.