Ryan’s trial continues, but nasty Nathan is playing no further part in it. With the real possibility that Ryan won’t win by fair means, someone has decided to play dirty. Nathan is bound and gagged and hidden in Pollard’s barn. Trouble is, Jai has bought the barn so Nathan’s kidnapper has to move him. Or will the kidnapper decide to just get rid of him…? Best not, as Maisie has taken the stand and declared that Nathan framed Ryan.

Holly’s got her mum believing she’s behaving herself and is allowed to go out with Hannah to meet Isaac. Just what you want, your junkie sister with you on a date… not. Predictably (except to Moira), Holly scores some drugs and Hannah races home to alert their parents. That costs Hannah her relationship with Isaac, who doesn’t want to babysit a needy junkie. How much longer are farmer John and Moira going to let one daughter suffer for another?

And how long will Pearl make Paddy suffer for not giving her the chance to release her inner party animal? Pearl thought she was his date for the party and he took Rhona, instead. So he’s got a lot of grovelling to do.

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