Kirsten seeks legal assistance from Tim Collins for her custody battle for Mickey. Meanwhile, Toadie warns Ned he’s in for a tough battle that he’ll probably lose, and should aim to negotiate with Kirsten rather than go to court. Ned agrees but Kirsten is not so keen, telling him she’ll be lonely on her own without Mickey, while Ned has Janae. As Ned reassures his son that everything will be OK, Mickey tells him he wants to go to Adelaide with his mum after all.

Stonie panics that Charlie has eaten something he shouldn’t when he finds his stash of drugs in the bin. He asks Karl for help and Charlie is later given the all clear in hospital. Steph is outraged, and Toadie is forced to issue his brother with a warning. Later, Stonie and Chantelle head home to get professional counselling.

Miranda and Steve think they’ve guessed that Riley’s resentment towards them stems from a desire to find his real parents. But they’re shocked when Riley reveals that he feels his parents never really loved him and that he was just part of a package deal when they adopted Bridget.

Also, despite her last minute nerves, Steph wins a seat on the council in the local elections.