Will Newt be OK?

After his ‘confession’ to Jack’s murder, Newt refuses to come out of his room. Inside, Eli is making things worse by telling him he has to kill Frankie and Darren. Later, Frankie and Darren learn from Lauren that Newt has an imaginary friend, Eli, and that his grip on Newt presents a real danger.

Realising the severity of the situation, Darren breaks the door down, and Newt agrees to go to hospital. At the hospital, Lauren tells Frankie and Darren that Newt, in the guise of Eli, planted the bombs at The Loft and Evissa. Shocked Frankie begins to question whether he might have been capable of murdering Jack, and to Darren’s horror, tells him she wants Jack’s body exhumed.

Furious that Max left her no money in his will, Cindy is annoying Steph with her constant sniping. Fed up, Steph tells Cindy to get out of her flat. Cindy storms off to the SU bar where she meets Zak who offers her a room. Not realising that Zak lives in student halls, Cindy boasts to Steph about her new luxury home. Tempers flare and Steph, Cindy and Mandy end up fighting, which is brought to a halt by Holly chucking a bucket of rotten fruit over them all.

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