Eli tries to talk Newt out of suicide. He realises he can’t go through with it when Eli reminds him that he’ll break Lauren’s heart. Rae understands, but she’s still going ahead with the plan. Newt’s shocked and with one last departing kiss, Rae heads off…

Lauren and Jack are searching the warehouses frantically trying to find Newt when Lauren gets a text message from him saying goodbye. But as he joins Rae on the platform, Lauren and Jack rush in. Newt’s confused as the voices mess with his head and Lauren and Jack scream out in horror when Newt jumps and plunges into the dockland water.

Frankie’s torn between her two boys when she gets a desperate phone call from Newt, but knowing Jack and Lauren are on their way to him, she makes the decision to help Jake. After an awkward conversation with Nancy, alarm bells start ringing for Charlie’s safety.

Also; Frankie finds Jake and realises his actions were a cry for help but she promises to help him through it. Jake’s relieved to have his mum back on side. Frankie realises Jake needs her more than ever and, determined to prove she believes in him, she takes him to see Charlie.

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