Nell is heavily pregnant and suffering joint pains. Niamh asks for Al’s help to research into whether they are normal pregnancy pains or related to her history of rheumatoid arthritis and, in doing so, he guides her in the right direction. Working together reminds her how good a friend Al is and she tells him how much he means to her. At first, he thinks it’s a declaration of love – but Niamh leaves him disappointed…

Meanwhile, Josh is stressed when Claire, the other café assistant, is late, but is quickly charmed by her – and she by him. When Claire drops some heavy hints about them hooking up, however, he panics and turns her down flat. Feeling bad about crushing her self-esteem, he tells her he’s been convicted for armed robbery in the past but she tells him she still wants to see him. Can he trust himself in a relationship?

Also, Liz is a repeat offender, trapped in a cycle of self-hatred – can Jimmi help her find hope again?