When Sarah’s back is turned, Ben takes son Harry from the hospital and bundles him into the back of Niamh’s car. The trio make their way to the Eurotunnel but Harry becomes very sick and Niamh has to give him a sinus carotid massage. Harry wakes up and they continue their journey, desperate to get to the clinic in Switzerland before it’s too late.

The police try to track them down but, when Rob finds Emma driving Niamh’s car, he knows that she has pulled her friends in to help. He warns both Emma and Al that they need to contact Niamh and tell her to stop. The longer this goes on, the worse it will be…

Meanwhile, a couple wish to terminate their pregnancy in order to avoid the possibility that their child could be born with schizophrenia. But Karen helps them to see that being a ‘proper parent’ is about unconditional love.

Also, Jimmi fails to make Daniel see the darker side of Anthony.