Al asks Niamh for a drink after work, and they talk things through. She’s still unhappy about Al not thinking she can be a good doctor. She says he’s the only one that doesn’t believe in her. He says he loves her and that should be enough, but she tells him they’ll never be together again.

Franc’s ex-wife walks in to The Mill before confronting Emma and fainting. Emma takes Therese for some food, where she explains she’s worried about their daughter Gigi, as they are financially dependant on Franc. They go to his flat and realise he was selling illegal prescriptions and tells Howard and the police. Over a drink, Emma and Therese bond over their hatred of Franc and both leave feeling better.

The gang all come back to The Mill, pleased that Franc and Gary are behind bars. But Zara thinks Daniel wanted to leave The Mill and was tempted by Gary’s offer. Daniel says she’s right, he was tempted, but then backtracks and says it’s just a dream. He’s not thinking seriously of leaving.