Tracy’s furious to learn Ken gave Leanne money, pointing out he refused to let her have Amy’s trust money. Knowing that Nick is contemplating Leanne’s offer, Tracy blackmails Carla, demanding that she comes up with an extra £10k or Nick will find out the truth.

In the pub, the lad makes a grab for Izzy’s bag, but he’s distracted and Izzy makes her escape. Having called Gary, he finds her scared and wracked with pain. When she admits she was trying to buy some cannabis, Gary’s shocked.

When Aidan postpones a smaller order to make way for the O’Driscoll order, Johnny warns him not to upset old clients. Meanwhile, having found Marta in a terrible state, Eva takes her home and persuades Leanne to let her stay the night.

Gail’s bumps into Michael at the gym open day and shows him the ropes. Sinead assures Chesney she’s doing the modelling to give them a better future. Steph and Andy explain Jamie only got three years and will be out in the blink of an eye. Alya and Rana celebrate Rana’s new job.