With the security getting closer Nick and Eva are forced to squeeze together and hide. It’s a close shave and the sexual tension doesn’t go unnoticed by either. Back on the street they’re giddy after their warehouse raid and give into their mutual attraction.

Kylie’s hysterical with Max still missing and suddenly decides that Becky’s taken him after seeing him arrive earlier. Pinning her up against the cafe wall Kylie demands to know where Max is, but a stunned Becky has no idea. Panicking herself, Becky joins the search for Max, eventually finding him in the back room of the pub waiting for her. As she takes Max back to a shaken Kylie, she’s accused of kidnapping him.

Sophie’s unimpressed when a Uni friend of Amber’s turns up at the shop and she suddenly drops their plans for the cinema. It’s clear Arj is an old flame and as they share a kiss Sophie’s jealous. Left alone in the shop her anger gets the better of her and she doesn’t cover for Amber when Dev asks about his daughter’s whereabouts.

Also, when Faye hurts herself in the Windasses’ shed Owen suggests it’s a hazard and needs tearing down.