Will Nick be caught?

Charlie, Yvonne and Dot deny that they’ve seen Nick as the coppers search the house. When the police finally leave, Charlie goes on the hunt for Nick and then learns that Phil is the main suspect. Nick hides the money from Sharon and returns to the Cottons’, assuring Charlie he wasn’t involved in the crash.

Charlie pays Ronnie an emotional visit in hospital. Seeing Roxy, he insists that he can’t look after his son, wanting Roxy to take the baby. When Fatboy follows Charlie home, he’s shocked to find Nick alive and well. Nick warns Fatboy to keep his mouth shut. Later, Charlie tells Nick he can’t bring up a baby with him around. Nick sneaks into Roxy’s and steals the baby.

Sharon and the Mitchells meet up with Ritchie but are left fuming when Ritchie refuses to help unless she’s paid. Things get even more complicated when Sharon discovers that Phil has given Ben power of attorney over the businesses instead of her. Ben enjoys the power – insisting he’s running things now!