Will Nick point the finger at David?

As an agitated Nick repeats the name ‘David’, Gail goes to call him, presuming he’s worrying about his brother. David swallows back his fear as he heads to the hospital, knowing this could be the end. As he nervously looks Nick in the eye and whispers hello, Nick continues to struggle to speak.

Michelle is reeling after Ryan’s shock announcement and is furious with Steve. As he goes to pack, she tries to convince him to stay, but Ryan thinks it’s time to move on.

As Owen tries to chase up a big debt from a slippery customer he realises some less than traditional tactics may be called for. Anna’s concerned as, egged on by Gary, Owen decides to pay him a visit, determined to do whatever it takes to get his cash.

Also, Hayley sets about making a list of all the things she wants to do before she dies.