Will Nick pressure Peter to drink?

Peter‘s struggling with his conscience and when Nick finds him debating whether to go to AA he persuades him he doesn’t need to. But as they celebrate Cheryl’s birthday in the Rovers, Peter stares hungrily at the wine. Leanne’s unaware, but Carla gently suggests he goes home while she covers for him at the pub. Grateful, Peter leaves. But when Nick spots him outside and Peter admits he almost succumbed Nick pounces, suggesting there’s no reason why he can’t just have one drink.

Lloyd‘s jealous when Chris gives Cheryl a bottle of her favourite perfume for her birthday, and vows to top Chriss’ present with his own. Meanwhile, Chris is unnerved when Billy comes in the pub and hands him a holdall full of stolen goods.

Eileen’s narked when Owen messes up her new filing system then refuses to let Jason take any time off to fix her dodgy roof. As Eileen broods in the pub she reminds Carla she still owes 10,000 pounds for the factory repairs, although she doubts Owen would even notice if she didn’t pay up.

Also, the Windasses worry when they discover Gary’s been skipping physio; Ciaran’s hopeful when he hears there’s a chef’s job going at the Weathie Arms.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

In the Weatherfield Arms, Nick and Peter sit at a table with two pints. Nick checks Peter’s sure, but when he insists he just needs the one drink to get him through, Nick offers to stay with him for support. Peter thinks Nick’s a real mate but when Ciaran appears, having just had an interview for the chef’s job, he demands to know what Nick’s playing at. Nick insists he’s only there to monitor Peter, but Ciaran’s fuming, especially when the landlord orders them out and tells him to forget the job. Outside Ciaran insists he’s taking Peter home and he must tell Leanne so he can get the support he needs.

Owen finally relents to Eileen‘s demands and looks at her roof. She’s horrified to hear it needs thousands of pounds worth of work doing now before it deteriorates further.

Chris quietly seethes as Lloyd presents Cheryl with an expensive necklace for her birthday. So he decides to up his game to win Cheryl’s approval.

Also, Izzy tackles Gary over his missed physio appointments and encourages him to open up about Afganistan.

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