Will Nick wake from his coma? (VIDEO)

Gail and Leanne keep a vigil at Nick’s bedside, he’s had brain surgery and is an induced coma. As they try to get an insight into what caused the crash David claims he can’t remember, guilty and fearful that his actions might be revealed. Alone with Nick, David begs him to wake up, apologising for what he’s done.
Noting how down both Lloyd and Eileen are after their recent rows Steve suggests they all go to the pub like old times. But Lloyd’s mood with Mandy goes from bad to worse when Mandy joins them and she and Lloyd start bickering about their respective parenting skills.
With Nick in hospital, Gloria suggests to Izzy that they have baby Jake’s homecoming drinks at the Rovers. Tina insists she’s fine with it, but it’s clear she has no choice and has been backed into a corner.
Also, Tracy manipulates both Rob and Steve as she suggests Steve spend more time with Amy so she can spend more time with Rob; Norris regrets employing a reluctant Craig as paperboy.