Patrick finds out that Sienna has hired a private investigator to find her daughter. She’s beyond excited when she hears from her PI, Owen, while Nico is nervous about meeting her mother. She spots Sienna outside College Coffee and tries to summon the courage to speak to her. However, when Sienna gets a call from Owen telling her that he can’t find Caroline, Sienna storms off straight past Nico. Elsewhere, Patrick has paid a reluctant Owen to lie.

Freddie takes Jason to his meeting with Stan who Freddie reveals sells steroids. Jason steals Stan’s number from Freddie’s phone and buys pills off him. Jason can’t stop sweating and can’t concentrate on his exam after taking the drugs.

Darren is annoyed by Nancy’s fussing after his heart attack. Robbie has his final revision session with Nancy and can see that she’s still thinking about what happened between them. Robbie tries to wind up Darren and it works.

Darren feels like a caged animal and asks Tony if he fancies a night out. Nancy is furious but Darren shouts at her that he can’t take anymore of her meddling. She storms out and he immediately regrets what he said.