Will Nicola and Jimmy reunite?

Jimmy finds out that Nicola has gone for a scan alone and he follows her. Nicola is unimpressed, but Jimmy refuses to leave. Jimmy and Nicola end up squabbling as usual, but Nicola’s emotions are confused when she sees how emotional Jimmy is seeing his child on the scan. The warring pair realise that they still have feelings for each other and are reunited with a kiss.

Katie is annoyed when a stubborn Lee refuses to let her talk to Nathan about his job. Katie complains to Nathan about being caught in the middle of his squabble with Lee then finds out that Lee used their private conversation to him wind up. Katie is sick of their games and she tells Nathan their fling is over and Lee that she wants him to move out.

Natasha thinks that Mark’s payment to Cain looks like they’re paying Cain to see Maisie. Mark hands Cain the money and tells him that he isn’t to come near any of the other Wyldes. Mark and Natasha are furious when a cocky Cain arrives to take Maisie on a lavish date with the bribe money. Natasha is frustrated by Mark’s complacency when he tells her to drop it.